Summer School

Pushkin state russian language institute

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute offers a wide range of summer educational programs at the Summer School for foreign students interested in mastering their Russian and for teachers of Russian as a foreign language.

In 2022, the following commercial educational programs of the Summer School are organized in a full-time offline or distance learning forms:

Program 1. "Practical course of Russian as a foreign language".

Intensive course of speech practice for students under the quota of the Russian Federation.

Training period – from 1 to 2 months:

  • July 04 - July 29 (1 month);
  • July 04 - August 26 (2 months);
  • August 01 - August 26 (1 month).

Program 2. "Start Speaking Russian" (for novice learners).

You will be able to learn Russian alphabet, learn to read and write in Russian, study and understand phonetic system of Russian language. At the end of the program, you will be able to read and understand simple texts, to tell about yourself, your family, your city.

Program 3. "Continue Learning Russian" (for those at level A1 aiming further).

If you choose this program, you will be able to greatly improve knowledge of the Russian language and Russian culture. The program content includes the study of topics such as "Foreign language in my life", "Free time", "Russian holidays" and many others.

Program 4. "Speak Russian Correctly" (remedial course in grammar and vocabulary, level A2).

You will continue to learn basic grammar topics such as the use of verbal aspects, verbs of motion, etc. You will learn a significant amount of new vocabulary, which will expand the boundaries of communicative spheres of communication in Russian.

Program 5. "Improve Your Russian" (level B1).

Program 6. "Speak Russian Fluently" (intensive speaking practice at levels B2 and C1).

Program 7. "Reaching Highest Levels of Russian Language Proficiency".

Program "Methodology of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language" (course for teachers).


Group classes are held in groups of 10-12 people.

The individual lessons are also available with a tuition fee 1,600 rubles for 1 academic hour (45 minutes).

Classes are held in a full-time offline or in a distance learning forms.


Programs 2-7:
  • June 6 – July 1;
  • July 4 – July 29;
  • August 1 – August 26.

Course for teachers:
  • July 4 – July 15.

  • Schedule & Tuition

    Programs 1-7: 96 academic hours per 4 weeks (24 ac.hrs per week).

    Course for teachers: 96 academic hours per 2 weeks (48 ac.hrs per week).

    1 academic hour is 45 minutes.

    To join the programs of International Summer Courses you have to pass the placement testing at the platform "PushkinOnline" ( and define your level of proficiency in Russian according to the scale of the Council of Europe (from A1 to C1).

    Classes are held 4 days a week from 10:00 AM to 3.30 PM with a lunch break.

    Certificates of attendance are issued upon successful completion of program.

    Living conditions in the Institute dormitory

    Subject to availability, students are accommodated in a student dormitory in double and triple rooms with all amenities. Each floor has a kitchen, a self-study room and a lounge.

    The cost of living in the dormitory depends on the type of the room occupied and the duration of study. Check-in is carried out no earlier than 1-2 days before the start of the educational programs.

    Tuition fees

    Programs 2-7: 28,000 rubles.

    Course for teachers: 29,800 rubles.


    For matters concerning the academic questions (Programs 2-7), please contact:
    Director of the Summer School (commercial programs):
    Mrs. Galina Nikolaevna Kuptsova,

    For matters concerning the course for teachers of Russian as a foreign language) please contact:
    Mrs. Ekaterina Vladimirovna Rubleva

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